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  1. gerber11

    Format [One-Time] Manager Application

    Requirements to be considered: » Discord account with proficient knowledge and use of Discord. - You will be helping manage our Discord so you will need some knowledge of permissions and have the likes for good aesthetics. » Good quality, working microphone - No potato microphones or choppy...
  2. gerber11

    Format Punishment / Ban Appeal Format

    Hey, you've found the punishment appeal format. I would say congratulations but in this case, I don't think that's such a good thing. It's unfortunate that you were punished for whatever reason, but if you feel it was not warranted, excessive, even abuse. Please, feel free to appeal it within 2...
  3. gerber11

    Format Bug Report Format

    Hello, you've found the format to report a bug on PurpurPlex! A bug can include any problem that is not intended by the management team. This can be an issue with the Discord, website, or most likely the Minecraft server. If there are any questions that we do not have in the format, please feel...
  4. gerber11

    Format Player Report Format

    Hello, you've found the format to report a player on the Minecraft server, website, or Discord. Great job! Let me tell you about this. If a player has broken any one of the rules that we have posted publicly, then you can fill out this format to report them. If you believe they have broken some...
  5. gerber11

    Application Example: Ryan - Staff / Builder Application

    Note: If you read the application, you should obviously see that no effort was done; that was intentional. Its to show who a rough idea of how you should answer it. Scenario sections (bottom 3 of Management Staff) should be answered with the greatest detail you can give. General Application...
  6. gerber11

    Format Staff Application Introduction and Format

    Preamble Hello, welcome to the PurpurPlex application form! I am glad you're here because we need you! Our players make the server fun and enjoyable place to be (most times) and when we get that one player or players who are there to ruin it for others and has different views and...