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Requirements to be considered:

» Discord account with proficient knowledge and use of Discord.
- You will be helping manage our Discord so you will need some knowledge of permissions and have the likes for good aesthetics.

» Good quality, working microphone
- No potato microphones or choppy, scratchy type microphones.

» 6-8 hours a week or more. We need someone to actively take care of and manage the server. We don't expect you to become a zombie though.

» Leadership and communication skills.
- You are managing our staff team (hire, fire, promote, demote) with owners input, but still managing. You need to able to take control and properly direct the team in the right direction for the progress of the server.
- This also includes proper communication skills so that you effectively communicate your ideas and orders to the team to progress the server.
- Another part of communication skills is properly communicating to the rest of the community with announcements, changelogs, reports, and answering of threads such as staff applications, player and bug reports, suggestions, etc.

» Knowledge of plugins of how they work and how to configure them.
- This is a VERY IMPORTANT skill. I (gerber11) usually do plugin work for servers I work on, but right now I am unable too due to other affairs I have to deal with. So I need someone who can take care of plugin work. Permanently or temporarily. I will likely gain more time to actively help but March, April, possibly May
- I am willing to help if needed for plugins, as long as it isn't constant.
- This skill also includes you to have the knowledge of Multicraft and FTP programs such as FileZilla or WinSCP (Not Multicraft FTP)

» Knowledge of permissions
- We use GroupManager for our perms plugin (Not willing to change if you got something different)
- You need to be able to properly manage group permissions by researching the correct permissions on plugin pages and the ability to reason well when deciding what ranks get certain permissions.
- We DO NOT want Moderators having access to creative on a Towny server. It is unneeded. Only the highest staff, Admins should have that permission.

» 16 years of age or older.
- Unfortunately, we won't be making any exceptions to age because you will the highest rank on the server with the exception of the owners and age usually follows with maturity and skills such as leadership and experience. We need that if someone is helping manage the backend of the server and the "window"; the staff, builds, etc.

» Ability to help manage our XenForo website.
- You will be given Web Admin, our highest achievable website staff roles. You will have the ability to manage all threads and users but NOT the ability to manage the actual website itself. (No backend access)


» You will be given our highest achievable staff role on the website; Web Admin.
This gives you complete control of the threads and users of the website, but NOT the backend admin panel for fully managing users and the forums. This will be held by the owners who will do anything back there if needed.

» You will be given Multicraft access at some point; once we get to know and trust you more.
- This access will be Administrator + FTP access. So pretty much full access.

» You will be given individual Discord permissions.

- We will not be handing out Discord Administrator for security purposes of the Discord and our users. Anything requiring those permissions will be handled by the owners OR if trusted and well-known enough, you will be given TEMPORARY access to this permission.

» You will be given full permissions access ingame as well as access to permissions config (once you get Multicraft access.)


» We are granting you pretty much complete authority over the server with only the owner's directions having the ability to overrule yours.
- We expect you to carry out our certain wishes such as sticking to Towny, using certain plugins or refraining from doing certain things (case by case basis)
- Other than that, the server is yours to manage. Plugins, staff, builds. (Although we may give suggestions on what we want and how for builds, plugins, etc.)

The Application Itself [Format]

  • Here is the actual application format. Please paste your application in the comments of this thread. Please answer all questions after the " - "
  • Just copy and paste everything from Background Information to the very bottom. Go to the link below and paste it there and answers the questions.

Background Information:
  • First name:
    • -
  • Discord Name#Tag:
    • -
  • Minecraft Username?:
    • -
  • What is your age?:
    • -
  • What country do you live in?:
    • -
  • What's your timezone?:
    • -
  • What days are you available during the week?:
    • -
  • On the days you are available, what hours are you available?:
    • - -
  • What days and/or hours can you for sure not be on?:
    • -

Anything else we should know about you?:

Simple Questions:
  • How many servers have you worked for (roughly)?:
    • -
  • What was the highest rank you achieved on a server that you did not own/co-own?:
    • -
  • What did you do on that server (Your priorities, responsibilities)?:
    • -
  • What community did you stay with the longest, and for how long?:
    • -
  • Were you ever fired from one or more communities? If so, why?:
    • -
  • Do you have anyone we can contact that can vouch for you and your skills and abilities to manage?:
    • -

  • Have you worked with XenForo before with staff privileges?:
    • -
  • Have you managed a Discord server/community properly before?:
    • -
  • How long have you been configuring plugins, server, etc?:
    • -

Anything else related to these type of questions that you'd like to add?:

Experience and Extra Info:
  • Please list communities that you were apart. Please include your rank, responsibilities, and how long you were apart of that community?:
    • -
  • What plugins are you most familiar with?:
    • -
  • What plugins have you heard of, may have used, but have difficulties configuring?:
    • -

Anything else related to experiences, skills, abilities, that you'd like to add?:
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